Privacy Policy

Information Collected and Received

Nothing would be sent to or stored on Session Paw Server. In fact, we don't have servers at all. To be more clear:

  • Your session data is on your local devices or Google Account.

  • Your ID and payment info are processed with ExtPay and Stripe under highest security level.

  • The usage stats data stored locally or saved to Google Account, you are the only one who can see them.

Extension Permissions

Session Paw requests the following permissions from the browser in order to allow it to perform its core functions. In Google Chrome, these permissions can be viewed by opening the browser’s Extensions page and clicking on the Details button of the SessionPaw item listed there.



  • This permission is required to place browser windows properly.


ActiveTab, Tabs, TabGroup


  • This permission is used to generate preview images and manage tabs under your control.


Bookmarks, Sessions, Storage


  • This permission is used to save read later links, read tabs saved by browser on other devices, and save sessions.